Over 15 years our company has specialized in the PCB design and SI/PI simulation of printed circuit boards, including RF boards, HDI boards, and much more.

Why it’s profitable to work with our design center?


Professional PCB design

Over 15 years of experience. More than 1000 projects has been designed.

IPC standards and requirements compliant

Ensuring DFM and DFA manufacturability

We provide a full PCB design cycle

From the library creating to manufacture order

We using modern CAD systems

We are not tied to any specific CAD

We help to reduce design time

Because our design center allows several engineers to work on a single project

Our engineers interact with schematic developers, understands all the details of the task and offers the best variants for technical solutions

Our services created to help companies that don’t have ability to design many urgent projects simultaneously; or for companies that prefer to work with system level design and shift design responsibility for printed circuit board to outsorced professional developers.

We work only through signed contract agreement with the prescribed parties responsibility. You pay only after finishing of the project design.

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