Skat-Pro engineers perform professionally printed circuit board design as requested by the customers using the basis of the schematic and technical tasks.

For the quality project design, our engineers should know the requirements that the customer has. The more detailed the requirements are the simpler interaction in the design process and higher development speed.

What do we require from the customer?

1. Mechanical drawing (DXF AutoCAD, Solid Works, PDF, etc. )

What should be on the drawing:

  • PCB dimensions and mounting holes coordinates
  • Mounting holes diameters and types or their plating (plated/non-plated)
  • Route and components obstruct areas on both PCB sides
  • Height restrictions on both PCB sides
  • Locations for main connectors and other parts that rigidly bound to devise construction
  • PCB side and coordinates for LED’s, screens and buttons

2. Schematic document (DxDesigner, Orcad DSN, PCAD, Altium Designer, PDF)

3. Component list with package description (Footprint names) in table form (Excel, Google Tables, etc.)

4. Components datasheets (especially for rare components)

5. Approximate layout sketch for main PCB elements (Optionally)

6. PCB thickness, stackup requirements (Optionally)

7. Net classes description and requirements (Impedance, length matching):

  • Clock signals
  • Differential pairs
  • Buses, Harnesses
  • High voltage/current circuits (Nominal and maximal current values, permissible voltage drop)

8. Special requirement for PCB designation (silkscreen)

Our design capabilities:

  • Highspeed interfaces:
    • DDR 2/3/4
    • USB 3
    • PCI, PCI Express
    • LVDS, Gigabit Ethernet
    • RapidIO
    • HyperTransport
  • Multilayer PCBs
  • HDI Boards
  • Rigid & Rigid-flex boards
  • Ultra high-frequency boards, analog PCBs
  • Backplane boards



If necessary our engineers will perform:

  • Signal/Power integrity simulation
  • Electromagnetic compatibility analysis
  • Vibration resistance calculation
  • Heat analysis

Approximate time for the PCB design

Designing a project can take from one to several working weeks, depending on the complexity of the project, the quality of the source data provided, and the speed of the developer’s answers to the clarifying questions.

Total number of pins Design Time
up to 4000 2…3 weeks
from 4000 to 10000 3…5 weeks
from 10000 6…8 weeks

The final price and design time estimated individually based on the project complexity. To accurately assess or discuss the project refer to the company’s engineers